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Professional hairdryers with ROTOCORD, the cord that swivels round for tangle-free use.


  • ROTOCORD is the first tangle prevention device to be integrated into the power cords of professional hairdryers.
  • ROTOCORD is the ultimate solution for the complete elimination of the knots which often form in the power cords of hairdryers.
  • ROTOCORD is a safe, VDE tested, super-light and patented device.
  • ROTOCORD is “Made in Switzerland”.




Long-Life AC Universal Motor


AC (Alternated Current) Universal Motors are collector motors which are typically used in real professional hairdryers. They produce a high air pressure and have a very long life. Thanks to their unique aerodynamic technology, the expected life of VALERA hairdryers with AC-Motor is approx. 2000 hours. VALERA hairdryers with AC universal motor are covered for personal use by a 5-year VALERA warranty on the motor.




Long-Life DC-Pro Motor





Ultralight DC-PRO motors are a new generation of “direct current” motors. Thanks to the exclusive ventilation technology of VALERA professional hairdryers, DC-PRO motors produce a very high air pressure, very similar to the classic but heavier AC motors. This allows the use of thin professional styling nozzles. The expected average life of this motor is approx. 1200 hours.



Security – Ripple Wire Heating Element


VALERA uses exclusively SECURITY ripple wire heating elements. The shape of the electric filament is directly formed on the mica card bearing. The assembling process is fully automatic in order to ensure an excellent stability. This superior type of heating element allows higher quality and safety, more constant distribution of the temperature of the air flow and ensures a longer life if compared with common spiral  wire heating elements.

Green Vision


VALERA‘s development is committed to respect the environment. All the Swiss Made Valera products show ecological features:


  • they are made with 95% recyclable materials
  • they allow energy-saving regulations – they do not contain any hazardous materials (RoHS and REACH Regulations).


VALERA is a Member of the Swiss Waste Disposal Foundation SENS. In its factory, VALERA only uses power from renewable energy sources, mainly from hydroelectric power stations.






Professional and Personal VALERA hairdryers are covered for personal use by a 3-year VALERA warranty.