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Negatively electrically charged ions are particles which help to purify the air. In nature they can be found in abundance after a thunder storm, when the air is purer.


VALERA appliances with IONIC function have a generator that produces millions of negative ions which help the hair to maintain its proper hydration. Improved hydration favours the hair conditioning, has a regenerating effect and makes hair softer and easier to comb. Negatively charged ions also help to reduce static electricity of hair, the so-called “fly away“ effect, and unwanted frizzles.

Valera - The 1st SWISS Hair Straightener






Tourmaline is a mineral with unique electric properties. VALERA appliances with TOURMALINE IONIC TECHNOLOGY have tourmaline-coated components. When exposed to high temperatures, they are electrostatically charged and produce ions naturally. In VALERA appliances with ions generator and additional “Tourmaline Ionic Technology“, tourmaline amplifies the negative ions generation.






The VALERA hairdryers marked SANITIZED use the antibacterial properties of silver in form of NanoSilver dust, created with Nano Technology. The NanoSilver dust is found in the hairdryers’ plastic body. The antibacterial and self-sanitizing action of the SANITIZED marked hairdryers is certified by independent laboratories. It is especially useful where many different people use the hairdryers.




The brand COLOURCARE distinguishes VALERA appliances which are specially suited to coloured hair. Coloured hair is very sensitive to high temperatures and tends to dry out easily, causing it to fade and lose its sheen.


VALERA appliances bearing the COLOURCARE brand prevent loss of colour, shine and natural moisture and maintain the hair’s vitality and health for longer, thanks to 3 key features: 


  • production of NEGATIVE IONS by means of ions generators and/or Tourmaline Natural Ionic Technology which help the hair to maintain its proper hydration.
  • NO STRESS. Top performance at even lower temperatures, especially:

- in hairdryers, thanks to a faster air flow which allows for rapid drying at cooler temperatures.

- in hair straighteners, the ceramic coating enables hair to glide easily and smoothly over the plates, ensuring even and controlled heat distribution.

  • easy-to-use TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT for personalised and precise temperature regulation.