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Cady-Trade 95 Ltd


Let us introduce ourselves as the exclusive dealer of the famous Swiss brand, Valera.



Since 1955 we have been producing hair care equipment. Our constant focus is the health and appearance of the hair and therefore the person’s image and wellbeing. 



VALERA means Hair Specialists


VALERA deals exclusively with hair care appliances and therefore has a specific competence about hair that other non-specialized brands of electrical appliances cannot have. It is necessary to have a deep knowledge of hair in order to be able to create appliances that treat the hair in a healthy and careful way.



VALERA is Professional


VALERA’s know-how has always been based on close collaboration with the professional world of hairdressers, who are the specialists in styling and hair care. VALERA cooperates with famous stylists for the development of its appliances and participates to the most important shows of the professional hair industry, where VALERA is recognized as one of the most established brands.



VALERA, a Swiss brand


VALERA benefits from the solid reputation of the MADE IN SWITZERLAND claim. The SWISS CROSS, which is an internationally recognized logo, guarantees a positive appreciation of the Valera brand. Swiss image communicates values like quality, precision, reliability, competence, respect for health and environment, exclusivity. The Swiss cross therefore offers a unique positioning and brand credibility and positively influences the judgement of value and choice of consumers. 



In-House Production


VALERA manufactures all hairdryers, the new range of hair straighteners and the manicure/pedicure appliances in Switzerland. Valera pursues its strategy not only to maintain but to extend its own production in Switzerland.



Let us invite you to have a look on our assortment in our showroom near to The Hungarian Mint Ltd, in Budapest at Bláthy Ottó street. We provide our full after sale service with a service network and retailer network. We also sell these products from our own stock, which mean you can save the delivery time.


Thanks to the direct cooperation with the Swiss factory we can provide short time delivery, even for the items which are not available from our assortment.